About us

Jennifer Treco is principal designer and owner of Seaglass Interiors Ltd., based in Nassau, Bahamas. 

Jennifer's love for design began early, when most of her childhood days she found herself tagging along to job sites with her contractor father. Growing up around construction and never living in a house that wasn't in some stage of re-model, Jennifer found herself fascinated by the art of transforming spaces from dull to beautiful. After completing her bachelor's degree in International Business, she realized interior design was where she would make her literal "mark" on the world. She promptly enrolled in a residential design program at Ft. Lauderdale's Art Institute. Once completed, she moved back to Nassau and worked in the design and construction field. A change of heart and plans came about after becoming a mother, in which she created Seaglass Interiors. 

Jennifer has an innate knack for using bold patterns and colors to utilize already existing pieces - essentially "mixing the old with the new" and most importantly, never losing sight of the client's individual style and preferences. Jennifer's designs are well balanced and her principal philosophy is no space, project or area is too small for a revamp.

From large scale re-models to a simple makeover, Seaglass will expertly reflect your personal taste. 

Who are we?...

Seaglass Interiors is an interior design company that caters to all project needs. 
We can help you complete your home or space from floor to ceiling, complementing your own style with that professional touch!